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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Signs That Your Well Pump May Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Shannon Obrien

The well pump in your well is not easy to get to, so determining if there is a problem can sometimes be a little tricky. You may notice some things that can indicate a problem with the well pump, but the final diagnosis of a failing pump may mean pulling the pump out of the well for inspection. 

Low Water Pressure

Well pumps can be affected by many things, and over time, some of the stresses on the system can cause the pump to lose the ability to produce the same water pressure as it did when it was new. If you start to see a dramatic drop in your home's water pressure, you may have an issue with the well pump producing enough pressure for your home. 

Most houses that use well water also have a pressure tank in the house that helps maintain the water supply to the home, but if the well pump is not keeping the tank full, the tank will not provide the water you need. In most homes, you can verify the well pump pressure where the line feeds the tank in the house because there is a gauge that shows the line pressure before entering the tank. 

Well Pump Not Running

No water coming through the faucets in your home typically means that the well pump is not running. Failure of the pump to come on could be caused by many things, but determining what is causing it may require a well pump technician or service. 

The well pump may not be the problem, so it is crucial to determine if there is power going to the pump or if the pressure switch is telling the pump to come on or not. The tech that comes to your home can test the parts in the system that can cause the well pump to run and determine if the pump will need to be extracted from the well. 

Inspecting The Pump

Once all the external problems have been checked, the well pump may need to come out of the well for physical inspection and testing. This is not an easy job, and it requires the right tools to do correctly, so you should leave it to a professional well pump repair service. 

Once the pump is out of the well, the tech can test it to determine if the pump is bad and replace it with a new pump if needed. Often a pump that is more than ten years old and is not running will require replacing, but talk with the tech about your specific situation, and they will help you resolve the issue with your well pump. 

Contact a local well pump technician to learn more.