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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

A Few Things Involved In Planning The Installation Of Your Outdoor Shower

Shannon Obrien

If you spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer doing yard work, swimming in your pool, or playing with kids, you might wish you had an outdoor shower so you didn't have to track dirt inside. An outdoor shower is convenient and helps ensure your family showers before getting in the pool. Plus, you could even install a short shower head so you can rinse dirt off your feet or rinse off a muddy dog. Here are some things to talk to a plumber about before you have a shower installed.

The Codes That Regulate Outdoor Showers

Codes for outdoor showers vary by location, so it's important to know the codes that apply to you. For instance, your city might require the shower to drain into the sewer line while other cities may not. You'll probably need a permit for the plumbing work, and that means a code enforcement officer will probably inspect the work when it's finished.

The Placement Of The Shower

You can have an outdoor shower installed about anywhere, but you have to consider costs. Placing the shower against the side of your house so the plumber can connect to existing plumbing pipes would make for an easier installation than installing the shower a distance away from your house and having to run underground pipes.

The Availability Of Hot Water

Since you may only use the outdoor shower in the summer when the weather is warm, hot water might not be an issue. If your shower uses only cold water, it will be easier to install, and the job will probably cost less. However, you might prefer a shower with hot water that's more enjoyable to use. In that case, the plumber will hook up both hot and cold water following plumbing codes the same as if the shower was indoors.

The Drainage Method

If your city doesn't require outdoor showers to hook up to a sewer line, the plumber has to decide on the way to handle the wastewater. You don't want water to sink in the ground near your foundation, as that could cause foundation damage over time. The plumber might recommend a French drain that routes the water to a dry well or area where the water won't do harm. The water from an outdoor shower isn't contaminated, but it's considered gray water since you've used it to shower and it is mixed with soap, shampoo, and body oils.

The Shower Enclosure

Unless you just want a shower for rinsing before and after swimming, you'll probably want some sort of enclosure around it so you have privacy. Unless the plumber is also a general contractor, you may have to build the enclosure yourself or hire another contractor to do it.

Let the plumber know the type of enclosure you plan to install in case the enclosure has to be put up before work on the plumbing can be completed.