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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

The Purpose of a Sump Pump for Your Home

Shannon Obrien

Some homes require a sump pump to help deal with ongoing water issues. It will prevent a crawl space or basement from potentially flooding, keeping your home as dry as possible. Here is what you should know about why sump pumps are used and how they can benefit your home.

Keep the Home Dry

A sump pump pit is installed at the lowest part of the home and is essentially a well that is several feet deep. The sump pump pit will fill up with water that is normally underground and would collect against your home's foundation. Drains from around your home can funnel into the sump pump pit to collect all of the water, or it can be from a rising water table that puts pressure on the floor of your basement. A pump activates when water levels reach a specific level and pumps the water out of the pit. The goal is to keep the water out of your home by removing it before water levels get too high.

Avoid Mold Growth

Basements and crawl spaces that are damp can be a huge problem for mildew and mold growth. Without a sump pump, you may notice that your home has an odd odor in the basement and that your home's air is not that great. Mold spores can travel to places that are hard to see, causing mold growth that are a hazard to the health of everyone living in your home. By removing the water, the sump pump plays a role in keeping the mold away.

Increase Resale Value

People shopping for a home likely have concerns about what will go wrong after they move in. One common concern is basement flooding. Buyers often look for signs of water damage, such as discoloration on basement walls and other indications that water has filled the basement.

Seeing a sump pump in a basement can actually increase the resale value from the viewpoint of a buyer. A sump pump is not an indication that the home has water problems, but that the home will be protected from them. Having the sump pump installed is one less thing for a new homeowner to worry about when they move in since it is already there.

Reach out to a plumbing service in your area, such as Arctic Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, Inc., if you need help. They can likely help you select the right model for your home, dig the pit, and perform the installation of the pump itself.