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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Substances That Can Clog the Drains in Your Home

Shannon Obrien

Do you have individual drains in your home that are not flowing? If so, it's likely that you have a clog isolated to that particular drain in your home. These clogs can happen suddenly or gradually over time and can usually be narrowed down to something you put into the drain. Here are some things you should keep far away from your drain if you want to keep them running smoothly.


One item that can be misleading when it goes down your drain is grease. Before it gets rinsed out of the pan, it's still in liquid form and seems safe to dump down the sink. However, it can solidify in the drain once it gets chilled inside the pipe and cause a big clog. You'd be surprised at how much damage a little grease can do, so it's a good idea to take preventative steps to stop grease from going down a drain.

The best thing you can do with grease is to collect it in a separate container so that it can cool down before you throw it away. You can also wipe pans with paper towels and toss them in your trash instead of rinsing the grease off in your kitchen sink.


Long hair tends to be the biggest problem for shower drains with so many people using the shower and having loose hair come off their head. However, hair can also get in bathroom sinks from something as simple as brushing your hair in front of the mirror. You'll want to use strainers over the drains to collect as much hair as possible. If the hair does get down the drain, you may gradually notice that the drains slow down over time until the water cannot drain fast enough.

Consider purchasing a sewer snake to help you remove the hair near the top of the drain. There will likely be more hair than you imagine that is slowing down the water, so be prepared for a surprise.

Soap Scum

Soap can create a substance known as scum, which is a mixture of minerals and fatty acids that can build up in drains. One way to prevent soap scum clogs is to switch to liquid soaps instead of bar soaps and to occasionally pour boiling water down drains to melt off the soap scum and prevent the drain from becoming clogged.

A professional plumbing contractor, such as the ones at Preferred Plumbing & Drain, can suggest other methods of keeping your drains flowing. Need help unclogging a drain? Be prepared to reach out to a local plumber for assistance.