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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Thinking About Buying A Hot Tub For Parties? Here Are The Features To Look For

Shannon Obrien

While hot tubs have always been the focal point for parties, they're an even better addition to your parties in the digital age. Hot tubs provide a chance for people to get away from the television and socialize with one another – even better, nobody will even think about bringing their phone or tablet anywhere near the hot tub! They provide a relaxing atmosphere to simply hang out and socialize. If you're thinking about buying a hot tub for parties, here are the features you need to look for.

Nighttime Lighting and Cup Holders Are the Two Required Features for Entertaining

The two must-haves for any hot tub used for entertaining are cup holders and nighttime lighting. Cup holders installed in the side of your hot tub are incredibly convenient when you're entertaining, since your guests can bring their drinks with them to the hot tub and enjoy them there. Don't worry about small spills in the hot tub – you'll want to monitor the pH values of the tub closely after spills to prevent algae from growing, but they won't harm the filter. You should, however, avoid any drinks that contain dairy and never allow any guests to bring food near the hot tub.

Nighttime lighting on the bottom of the hot tub is a required feature for entertaining, since turning off all the outside lighting and turning the hot tub lights on creates the perfect ambience for socializing. It also provides you with enough light to play games in the hot tub – one way to have fun with guests is to play card games using waterproof cards that float in the pool.

Lounge Seats Aren't Great for Entertaining Guests – Only Buy One if You Love It

A lounge seat in a hot tub allows a single person to lie back and relax in a semi-reclined position. Before you purchase a hot tub, you should at least visit a dealership to test out a lounge seat in a filled and running hot tub to see if you enjoy it. While some people love it, many people find that they are too buoyant to comfortably lie in the lounge seat without floating away.

If your hot tub is mainly for entertaining, you should skip the lounge seat unless you completely fall in love with it after you test it. A lounge seat takes up more space than regular open seating, which means that your tub won't be able to fit as many guests. In addition, most hot tubs with a lounge seat also don't have a symmetrical seating arrangement. You want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your hot tub where all of your guests can easily socialize.

Additional Water Jets and Ionizers Provide Little Use When You're Entertaining

Other features, such as ionizers and high-speed pressure jets, are not necessary for entertaining. Ionizers help keep your hot tub free of algae, but so will proper pH management and regular chemical use. High-speed pressure jets are amazing for receiving a massage in your hot tub after a long day of work, but just add noise and unnecessary distraction when you're socializing with guests.

Adding a hot tub to your yard can be a significant investment – you'll have to consider the cost of the hot tub itself plus the cost of the installation, which can involve running electricity to your yard, installing a cement slab and reinforcing your deck if necessary. In order to keep the total cost low, shop around for the best price on a hot tub that has all the required features you need for entertaining. You'll create the perfect focal point for your parties without blowing your budget on unnecessary features.

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