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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Water Heater Installation And Scalds: Keep The Oldest Members In Your Home Safe

Shannon Obrien

If someone in your family is elderly, you might install new lighting in your halls or place slip-proof flooring in your rooms to keep them safe. But if you plan to install a new hot water heater in your home soon, take precautions to keep your loved one safe from scalds and other hot water injuries. You can make your hot water installation safer for your loved one with the safety information and tips below.

How Does Hot Water Scalds Affect the Elderly?

Many older individuals suffer from medical conditions that affect the cells and tissues in their skin, including diabetes and poor venous circulation. These conditions can make an elderly person's skin prone to bruises, tears, and other external injuries. Hot water scalds are some of the most common injuries in the elderly population.

Although most scalds aren't fatal, they can cause extensive damage in the skin. Scald injuries such as burns may take longer to heal than other types of skin injuries. If your loved one suffers from a major health problem, scald injuries can make it worse for them.

It's important to make the hot water in your house safe enough for your loved one to use. To do so, have a plumber install your hot water heater for you.

What Can You Do to Keep the Elderly Safe?

A plumber can make the hot water in your home safe to use by adding a mixing system to the appliance during the installation process.The system simultaneously releases hot and cold water every time you turn on a tap or faucet, which safely reduces the temperature of your hot water. 

In addition, a plumber may add water mixing equipment, such as individual valves and lines, to your faucets and bathtub. If you want to use hotter water during your baths or showers, you can manually adjust the valves to fit your needs. However, be sure to place safety mechanisms on the valves to prevent children from accidentally or intentionally turning them off. A plumber may provide the safety mechanisms you need to do so.

You can also keep scalds and other hot water injuries to a minimum by having a plumber check your water heater annually or sooner. Inspections allow a plumber to detect problems with your appliance's heating elements and valves. If a plumber does detect a major heating problem, they can address it right away. 

For more information about installing your water heater safely, contact a plumbing contractor, such as Johnson Plumbing, near you.