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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Possible Reasons Your Bathroom Faucet Is Dripping And How Your Plumber Can Fix It

Shannon Obrien

If your bathroom faucet is dripping, you might be tempted to put up with it rather than take time to get it fixed. However, a drip wastes a lot of water over the course of a month, and it could make your water bill higher. Not only that, the extra humidity it puts into your bathroom could invite pests and mold. Plus, if the leak is due to a worn ring, then the leak will get worse as the ring deteriorates further. You may not have the skills to repair your faucet, but a plumbing company can take care of the problem with no trouble. Here are some of the causes of a leaky faucet and how to repair them.

Worn Out Parts

The pressure in your plumbing system can put a strain on the faucet over time, especially if the pressure is too high. This can cause the rubber rings, washers, and seals to fail. This problem can be repaired by putting in new replacement parts. However, if your plumber suspects the water pressure is too high, he or she may recommend lowering it some so the faucet doesn't start leaking again. The pressure in your plumbing can be regulated with the water pressure regulator valve that's near your main water valve. If you don't have one, your plumber may suggest installing one to control the pressure in your pipes so your faucets and appliances aren't damaged.

Loose Parts

If you recently had a new faucet installed on your sink and it started leaking not long after, the problem could be loose parts from a faulty installation. Your plumber can fix the problem by dismantling the components of the faucet and putting it back together properly to make sure it is installed correctly. Another reason a new faucet might start leaking is due to debris in the water.

If rust or scale breaks loose from an old water heater, the tiny pieces might get in the faucet and cause damage. The plumber might fix this problem by taking the faucet apart and cleaning out the rust flakes or scale. Then, he or she may advise you to figure out the cause of the debris in the water. If it is from the hot water tank, you may need to think about having it replaced soon. Debris can also come from corroded pipes. If so, you may need to have them replaced in the near future before the pipes start leaking.

If your faucet is old and leaking, you may want to use the opportunity to have the plumber install a new spout and handles. There are many attractive options on the market to choose from, and some even work by sensing movement so you can wash your hands without having to touch the handles.