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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Toilet Won'T Flush During Heavy Rain? You May Have A Sewage Pipe Problem

Shannon Obrien

For some homeowners, a heavy rain means one thing: plumbing problems. While you might consider this to be a fact of life, the reality is that it shouldn't be. If you're experiencing plumbing problems every time it rains outside, it may mean that you have a major plumbing problem developing. Getting help for it now could mean the difference between plumbing disaster and a simple fix. Read on to learn more about this problem and what it means for your plumbing.

Why It Happens

When plumbing drains more slowly or not at all during a heavy rain, it means that something is blocking your pipe from draining properly. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't mean that the sewer has flooded so badly that your home plumbing can't drain. Instead, it usually means there's been a crack in your pipe that you haven't known about.

When the heavy rain starts, it saturates the ground surrounding the pipe leading away from your home to the sewage system. Prior to the rain, chances are your pipe has been draining small amounts of water and waste into the dirt. While the dirt is fully saturated with rain, this process can't happen, and your plumbing will slow down as a result. This is particularly true if you have a blockage in your pipe that's preventing waste from making it to the sewer.

Other Signs

Generally, if you have this problem, there will be one other significant sign: a strange smell coming from your yard. Over time, as sewage continues to dump into the dirt surrounding the sewage pipe, it tends to gradually rise to the surface. This means that a smell of waste may be noticeable when you go outside. In extreme scenarios, visible waste may be noticed on the surface of the dirt.

What To Do

If you suspect that your pipe is backing up due to the weather outside, you should definitely contact a plumber. Doing so can help you to solve the problem before it becomes worse.

When you contact a plumber, they will most likely inspect your yard first. Then, they will send in a camera, either from the sewer line or from inside your home in order to examine the inside of the pipe. During this phase, any blockages or cracks will be found.

If your plumber finds a crack in the line, it may be able to simply be sealed. If a pipe replacement is required, your plumber will discuss the specifics with you. Alternatively, a simple blockage being cleared away may be enough to solve the problem, at least for the near future. However, this method isn't ideal, as it could cause the crack to have the time it needs to worsen.

If you've noticed a correlation between your plumbing draining slowly and the poor weather outside, it's time to consult with an expert. Find out today if your sewage line is cracked or otherwise damaged. To learn more, contact a sewer cleaning professional today.