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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

How to Bend Copper Pipe in Four Ways

Shannon Obrien

Copper pipe is used for many applications in plumbing since it costs less and lasts longer than other piping. but it often requires bending to fit around curves. Not bending pipes properly will look bad, and they can collapse. The thought of bending copper piping may intimidate you, but it can be done without special plumbing tools. Follow these tips to bend copper pipes.

Prepare to Bend Pipes

To bend copper pipes, you need the following:

  • heavy work gloves
  • marker
  • tape measure 
  • clamp 
  • small carriage bolts (optional)
  • sand
  • bending spring
  • pipe bender
  • propane blow torch
  • plumbing vice
  • copper pipe

The method you use to bend the pipe depends on what you feel comfortable working with and the thickness of pipe. Soft copper pipe may bend without heating.

Bend with a Torch

Measure the length of the bend you need on the pipe, mark it, and additional bends as needed. Lay the pipe on a flat work surface, and clamp it. If you use a wood table, clamp the pipe away from the wood to avoid fire.

Light the torch, and heat the pipe until it gets red, which makes it pliable. Let the pipe cool several minutes, and make the bends by hand. To avoid kinks, insert a carriage bolt on one pipe end, and add sand to the pipe after it cools.

Use a Pipe Bender

To bend pipes more than 15 mm in diameter, use a pipe bender. Change the bender handle, so it is parallel with the pipe, and insert the pipe below the handle. The 0 on the bending wheel should align with the mark on the pipe and bending arm. 

Secure the pipe on the bender, grasp the stationary arm with one hand, then slowly pull the rotating arm. Release the arm when it gets to the desired angle. Bend the pipe an additional two to three degrees more, since copper pipe may straighten slightly.

Bend with a Spring 

Connect a cord to the spring to avoid losing it, and slide it into the pipe leaving some string at the end showing. The spring should spread evenly in the bend area.

If you are using a cut pipe, smooth the ends with a deburring tool to help the pipe fit better. After you get the spring in place, pull the pipe over your knee to bend it, and release the cord to remove the spring when you complete the bend.

Bend with a Plumbing Vice

.A plumbing vice operates by hand, and it keeps the pipe from collapsing, Heat the pipe until the pipe length is red with the blow torch, and immediately insert the pipe in the vice. Bend both ends of the pipe until you reach the correct angle. 

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