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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Can a Septic Tank Serve Multiple Housing Units?

Shannon Obrien

If you are a frugal property owner and you have multiple housing units in a confined land area, you might be wondering if you need two separate septic tanks or if you need to build separately for each property. The answer is that, fortunately, you can combine the plumbing systems of two units to the same septic system. It takes a bit of extra care, though, so make sure that you and the home occupants are aware of these notes.

The Septic Tank Must Be Large Enough in Volume

Size matters when it comes to septic systems, especially when there are multiple families using the same tank. Each tank has an intended volume of use, so consult a professional to make sure you're getting a tank that's big enough to cover the amount of waste it will encounter.

Proper Design Is Critical

In order to have a successful septic tank design, a few things need to happen. First of all, your plumbing pipes must run downhill to reach the septic tank, from both residences. This might make only one location feasible, such as a valley (manmade or naturally made) between the two houses. The two sewage lines will have to join together before a single line emerges and enters the septic tank. There will be a shared drainfield that is dead space between the two properties; both tenants must commit to not interfering with this piece of land in any way. You may want to have it fenced off.

Everyone Must Commit to Proper Plumbing Care

You don't want one tenant's home and property to hinge on the other tenant's bad plumbing habits. Thus, everyone must commit to good plumbing maintenance. How about having that as part of your tenant agreement? No one may flush chemicals or solid products down the toilets. Everyone needs to work on conserving water. Both tenants agree that you will send in a plumbing specialist once a year to do maintenance on the pipes and plumbing fixtures in the home.

Septic Tank Cleanings Must Be Frequent

With higher volumes of waste going into a single septic tank, you'll need to be careful to ensure that you have scheduled the septic tank cleanings frequently enough. Check with your septic tank specialist to see what the appropriate schedule would be for the volume of your tank and the number of occupants in the homes, combined.

Water Softening and Filtration Is a Good Idea

Just to be on the safe side with septic systems, it is a good idea if you have indoor water filtration and water softener services. In addition to making your water a higher quality, this is a safeguard against any contamination that can happen with a heavily taxed septic system.

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