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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

A Guide to Common Options for Backflow Prevention

Shannon Obrien

As a homeowner, one of the most basic expectations you are likely to have is often going to be that water comes into your home from the various spigots, pipes, and faucets within and around the unit.  Unfortunately, if you experience issues with backflow, that expectation cannot always be met. Therefore, it is essential for you to be aware of the information shared below about different types of backflow preventers in order to protect your home from that potentially disastrous situation.

The Air Gap Drain

One common example of a backflow preventer is the air gap drain. It works by creating a partition between the supply line from the receiving line, both of which are important components of any water source. Its use means that those two pipes never come into direct contact with one another, assuming that the drain is functioning as it is designed to. 

The air gap in question provides protection against the backflow of dirty, contaminated or used water due to its open space. It has no moving parts and local health codes will typically determine the appropriate size of the air gap.  

The Double-check Valve

The double-check valve has several significant differences from the air gap valve, including its use of moving parts. It is commonly used when there is not sufficient space to install an air gap drain or when doing so would require unnecessary, expensive excavations. As its name suggests, there are two separate valves that attach to the various pipes. It does so through the use of hinges, whose use is facilitated by water pressure.  By extension, it's easy to see that when you turn the faucet or other water control device off, the doors will close due to the lack of water pressure and the reverse is similarly true.  

However, if one or more of those hinges have become contaminated with dirt, soil, sand or similar products, those doors might become forced open or may simply not close all the way. When that happens, it is quite possible that you might see small amounts of the previously mentioned dirty water making its way back through the drain. Since that process, which is known as backflow, can spread germs and bacteria while also contaminating the inner workings of the pipes themselves, it's best to speak with a plumbing professional immediately.

In conclusion, the presence of backflow can quickly damage your home and make it unsafe to be in. As a result, it is imperative for every homeowner to be sure that they have taken the necessary steps to address its occurrence, as discussed in the above sections. To learn more, contact services such as Cove Plumbing Inc.