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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Useful Tips For Conquering Hard Water

Shannon Obrien

The water supply in your new house may contain an excess of various minerals such as magnesium and calcium; this kind of water is typically referred to as "hard". You'll know if this is an issue for your home if you find that soap doesn't lather as well as you're used to. You might also see white or chalky deposits building up on shower heads and notice that even after being cleaned, your clothes seem yellowish. You don't have to suffer; you can take these few steps to cope with your new hard water supply.

Soak Shower Heads

Once mineral deposits begin to build on shower heads, they can begin to clog and your showers can be less comfortable because water isn't flowing well. To tackle this issues, unscrew your shower heads every now and then and soak them in a bucket overnight. The key to success here is that the bucket should contain vinegar, not water. The mild acid that vinegar contains can soften hard mineral deposits, and when you remove your shower heads from the bucket they should look cleaner and water should pass easily. If some deposits stubbornly remain, you can brush them with an old toothbrush that isn't used any longer. That should dislodge excess particles.

Shower Quickly and Spot Clean with Purified Water

Another issue hard water may cause is that your skin starts to become dry, particularly any areas that have long been sensitive. Spending less time showering can mean less exposure, and you might find that your skin experiences some relief if you can make your showers quicker. Purified water for especially sensitive body parts can prevent excessive dryness; spot cleaning those areas after showering can be wise.

Put Apple Cider Vinegar in Washing Machine

Yellowing laundry can be an irritating problem. To brighten laundry, a dash of natural apple cider vinegar should be added to the wash after water has already filled the drum. Don't be alarmed about the odor, which will not remain once the laundry has dried out. Alternatively, softening tablets bought in a store can be tossed into your machine too.

The hardships of hard water can be alleviated to some degree with these suggestions. For more comprehensive and permanent help, a plumber or water treatment company, such as Water Tec, can work with you to decide on what kind of water softeners can be placed inside your home to make the water easier to live with.