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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Five Benefits Of Having A Plumber Clean Out Your Grease Trap

Shannon Obrien

Grease traps are those messy, smelly, unpleasant, tank-like containers that hold the grease and oils from your restaurant's fryers and cooking surfaces. At least once every other week, it needs to be cleared out. (If you operate a 24/7 establishment, you will need to clean the trap out weekly.) Sure, you could do it yourself, or you could have a plumber do it. Here are five benefits to having a plumber empty and clean your restaurant's grease trap.

1. You Do Not Have to Do the Job Yourself

Cleaning a grease trap is a time-consuming job that most people find gross and disgusting. It is seconded only by cleaning a septic tank because of the smells and sludge. It is human nature to avoid gross and unpleasant tasks. By having a plumber do this job, you do not have to do it yourself.

2. The Job Is Completed Accurately by EPA Standards

With all that you have to remember, how can you remember all of the EPA standards for waste removal, too? A plumber already knows what the EPA expects with regards to grease traps. He or she does the job and makes sure it will pass these standards so you can avoid fines.

3. You Can Avoid Grease Overflow Accidents 

It happens. You forget to do one of the many tasks that need doing. Restaurant owners have full plates, both literally and figuratively, and at some point, plates get dropped. The problem is, if you forget to empty the grease trap, it will overflow.

It will ooze right on out the top of the tank and all over the place. If you have the tank inside, that is a major health code violation. If you have the tank outside, it could cause multiple slip-and-fall injuries to your patrons and your employees. Scheduling a grease trap cleaning through a plumber means the plumber is on the job and will not forget to do it.

4. The Cost of a Professional Grease Trap Cleaning Is Less Than Everything Else

No, it is true. An hour's time with a plumber is less than the fees you would face from health code violations, less than the fines from EPA violations, and less costly than sanctions and having your doors closed for several days. It is definitely less expensive than lawsuits! Even a master plumber who charges close to two hundred dollars an hour is still less expensive than most of the above issues.

5. If the Plumber Loses or Breaks Components in the Trap, You Do Not Pay For Them

Many grease traps are quite temperamental in that they have several gaskets and components that are really fragile. If they are broken or lost, they have to be replaced, or the trap will not function properly. If you were the one cleaning the trap, you would have to pay for these components. If a plumber loses or breaks something, it is up to him/her to pay for the parts him/herself. You should not have to pay for the parts if the plumber is at fault. (However, that is unlikely, since plumbers know what they are doing, and they are careful.)

Set up Grease Trap Cleaning Appointments Two Months Ahead

If you are ready to start paying a plumber to do this messy job, you can hire one and book all of your trap cleanings several weeks ahead. Plumbers usually take appointments for up to two months in advance, maybe longer if they are booked up. All you have to do then is maintain a clean, healthy restaurant and pay the plumber for services rendered.

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