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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Do You Need A New Water Heater Installed? Learn What Factors Affect The Installation Costs For Your Unit

Shannon Obrien

If you need a new water heater installed in your home, you may ask your friends, family or neighbors how much they paid to have a new water heater installed if they have had this done recently. However, you may be surprised when you go to get estimates that your installation costs are higher or lower than what others paid. This is because the process of installing a water heater varies based on many factors. This is why it is so important to get estimates from various companies and to not compare the cost of your job to the cost of someone else's. Here are few of the factors that can affect the installation costs for your unit. 

The Size of the Water Heater

The size of your water heater affects how much you may have to pay for installation. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the tank, the more it weighs. The more it weighs, the more labor intensive it is to move and install. For larger tanks, installation may be a two person job, rather than a one person job based solely on the size and weight of the tank. 

How the Water Heater Is Powered

Another factor that affects how much it will be to install a water heater is how the water heater is powered. Generally speaking, solar powered tanks cost the most to install, followed by gas tanks and then electric tanks. Always look for an installer who has experience installing the type of tank you need installed to ensure it is done correctly. 

Bringing the Plumbing or Electrical Work Up to Code

If you have an older home, your home may not be properly wired or piped to accommodate your new water heater. Before the water heater can be installed, plumbing or electrical work may be needed to bring these areas up to current code. This can drastically increase the price you are quoted for water heater installation. 

Disposal of Your Old Water Heater

The last factor that affects the cost of new water heater installation is whether or not the company disposes of your old water heater. If they dispose of the old tank, they will likely charge you for it, causing your costs to increase. If they leave it for you to dispose of, your costs may be lower, but then you are stuck figuring out how to get rid of the old and unwanted water heater. 

If you need a water heater installed, always get estimates from at least three different companies. This will help you to best determine what a fair and reasonable price is for your new hot water heater to be installed. If you have more questions, representatives from companies like Rolling Bay Plumbing can help.