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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

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Finding Great Plumbing Supplies

Signs Your Septic Pumping May Cost More

Shannon Obrien

If you are planning to pump your septic tank anytime soon, then one of the things currently floating in your mind is how much you should set aside for the service. The cost typically ranges from $282 to $525 depending on the nature of your tank. For example, you should expect the cost to be on the higher side if your tank features these circumstances:

It Is Larger Than Standard Tank Sizes

Septic tanks come in different sizes, which are determined by the number of bedrooms in a house – more bedrooms equal larger septic tanks. Typical sizes are 1,000, 1,250, and 1,500 gallons, with most one-to-three bedroom houses opting for 1,000. However, you can have a three bedroom house with a 1,500-gallon septic tank, and it makes sense that such a tank will cost more to pump than a 1000-gallon tank. Therefore, it's important to know the size of your septic tank.

Your Drain Field Is Flooded                             

A septic drain field floods when it can no longer handle the effluent it receives. The flooding can be caused by different things such as sludge build-up, system overloading (for example, if you regularly host more people than your septic system was designed to handle) or soil compaction. Whatever the cause of the flooding, it will lead to an expensive pumping service because of the increased danger and difficulty of working around a tank with a flooded drain field.

You Need Extra Services

When calling for a septic tank pumping quote, make sure you specify whether you only need the pumping or you need other services. This is because you will be charged for any other services you might have alongside the pumping. For example, some of your tank parts may be in need of repairs, and the septic technicians must charge for those repairs too.

Your Tank Is Clogged

There is a difference between pumping a clogged septic tank and on that is just full but not clogged; the former is more expensive due to the additional time and effort it requires. A septic tank may be clogged if its line is obstructed or collapsed. In such a case, merely pumping the tank will not work; you also need to deal with the cause of the obstruction, and this increases the fee.

The above issues give you an indication of complications that may increase the cost of your septic tank pumping. Consult the plumber you are dealing with for more clarity on the charges they are demanding.